The Gluten Free Goddess Bakery – Design Tienda


The Gluten Free Goddess Bakery
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The Gluten Free Goddess Bakery

September 28, 2015


Organic Bakery

The Goddess came to Design Tienda with one of the worst websites we have ever seen. The Goddess knew that if she wanted to compete, she would have to hire a company that could deliver her vision and also sell her cookies. Artistically, we wanted to start at the beginning and embrace the purity of the products The Goddess uses to create her delicious cookies by using wholesome ingredient images. The online shopping experience is easy to naviagate. We also added all of the nutritional facts for each cookie. The commerce part of the site is powered by WooCommerce and is very reliable, easy to navigate and track sales. The Goddess is our very own ugly ducking that turns into the beautiful swan. By the way, you can now find her cookies in Whole Foods! Go Goddess!