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Villa Punta Paraiso
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Villa Punta Paraiso

September 28, 2015


Private Residence - Vacation Rental

Design Tienda was asked to create a website that would illustrate to potential visitors the beauty of Villa Punta Paraiso in very swanky Punta Sayulita, Mexico. An area well known for surfing, shopping and dining. The villa is located within a high-end resort and is truly an awesome place to vacation. So we gave them a full screen slide show of the area and the villa with clever titles. Invited visitors to meet the eclectic village of Sayulita and also into the villa as well as the resort with beautiful images and shared the amenities of both the villa and the club with links to contact and book. The owner of the villa liked the site so much that he asked us to help him with the G3 Mex Group site. We are thrilled with the outcome of both sites and are now just waiting for our invitation to stay at the villa... still waiting :)